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Danfoss® Turbocor - Certified Retrofit Installer

EPS is a certified Danfoss Turbocor retrofit installer. Being a certified installer enables EPS to upgrade your existing chiller to obtain the energy saving benefits of the world’s first totally oil-free compressor. For example, a Danfoss Turbocor retrofit conversion of two Trane Model R compressors showed a 47% plus energy savings. But that is not the only benefit. A Danfoss Turbocor retrofit is a great way to solve your noisy chiller or excessive vibration problems. A chiller with a Turbocor compressor operates at the normal conversation level of 70dBA and with virtually no vibration. What that means is, you could place a running Turbocor compressor in a conference room and still have a meeting!

Danfoss Turbocor Installations and retrofitting Retrofit installation of a Danfoss Turbocor compressor showed a 47% plus energy savings over two Trane Model R compressors

Another issue facing facility managers is how to replace existing chillers when sufficient space is not available to rig out the existing chiller and rig in the new chiller. Again a Danfoss Turbocor retrofit is the answer. Use the existing chiller barrels and replace the compressors with the most efficient and the quietest compressor on the market today using a certified installer trained by Danfoss Turbocor factory personnel. Becoming a certified installer is not an easy process. In Ohio, EPS is one of only three Danfoss certified installers. Let us show you how we can improve your chiller efficiency and operation with a Danfoss Turbocor retrofit conversion.

New Equipment with Turbocor Compressors

EPS is also able to install and service new chillers with Turbocor compressors. Other may claim they can do this, but only a certified Turbocor installer can service this equipment. Why hire a company who is dependant on factory service personnel when EPS can handle servicing with in-house staff. EPS installs McQuay and Smardt chillers, two of the manufacturers utilizing Danfoss Turbocor compressors. Whether your need is for a water-cooled or air-cooled chiller, EPS is your best choice for installation and service of equipment with Turbocor compressors.

For more information on the installation of a Turbocor compressor or a retrofit conversion for an existing system, contact us at 419-433-7048, or e-mail

Funding a green energy project.
Putting a wind turbine on my property.
Reducing my carbon footprint.
Leasing Equipment.
Putting solar panels on my business.
Becoming LEED Certified
Selling energy back to my utility company.
Putting solar panels on my house.
Saving money on utilities.
Getting grant money to help installation.
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250kw Wind Turbine
Common Uses
Light Manufacturing
Range of Savings
$75,000 - $100,000/yr
50kw Wind Turbine
Common Uses
Auto Dealerships
Malls & Shopping Plazas
Range of Savings
$15,000 - $20,000/yr
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