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Engineered Process Systems is a Full Service Provider of Alternative Energy Products and Energy Efficient Designs

On Friday June 5th, Engineered Process Systems sponsored the fifth annual Ohio Energy Education Conference at the Case Western Reserve University's Thwing Center on Euclid Avenue.

Presenters at the conference covered many different energy related topics that EPS would like to make available to our site visitors. By clicking the link below you'll have access to many of the power point presentations given throughout the conference.

Download presentations from the Ohio Energy Education Conference.

Green is hip, it's hot, and it's what everyone is talking about right now. Green even managed to get Al Gore a Nobel Peace Prize. But while we can all agree that green energy is right for the world … is it right for you and your company? Somewhere between words like sustainability, carbon footprint, alternative energy, LEED® evaluations and global warming, we forget that energy efficiency always was and still is the smart thing to do for both businesses and individuals. After all, to truly be sustainable, green energy must do more than make the planet green … it must also make you money as well.

Green Energy Products EPS Provides

Engineered Process Systems offers a line of products that will improve your energy efficiency. Some products, like wind turbines, produce alternative energy. Other products, like a Sun Burner, can be used to burn alternative fuels or used to improve the efficiency of burning natural gas.

Wind Turbines -

EPS is an authorized reseller and installer of a number of wind turbine manufacturers for point of use applications. Sizes range from 10KW to 250KW.

Residential Wind Turbines -

Currently the smallest residential wind turbine offered by EPS is the 10kW Wind Turbine. The combination of price, power and compact size make this the best value for those looking to invest in wind energy. This small wind turbine is larger than most residential wind turbine units, however it also produces significantly more energy.

Specialty Burners -

EPS is an authorized reseller and installer for Sun Burners. This burner has a thirty to one turn down and the ability to burn just about anything. And we do mean anything. It will burn natural gas, methane, bio-fuels, wood chips and an assortment of process by-products.

Synchronous Condensers -

EPS is an authorized reseller and installer of synchronous condensers. These are used for power factor correction. Power factor is a major factor in determining your cost of electricity. In addition, a synchronous condenser will reduce voltage fluctuations or momentary dips in the power supply to your facility.

Solar Water Heaters -

EPS is an authorized reseller and installer of a number of solar heating systems. In the northern parts of the United States, we feel the best use of solar energy is for direct heating of domestic or heating hot water.

Modular Fabrication -

EPS designs and fabricates pre-piped equipment modules for various applications of the green products it sells. Even if you are around the world EPS can fabricate and ship a green process to your facility.

For more information on any of these products, visit the individual product page, contact us at 419-433-7048, or e-mail us at

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U.S. Green Building Council
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Wind Energy Solutions

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250kw Wind Turbine
Common Uses
Light Manufacturing
Range of Savings
$75,000 - $100,000/yr
50kw Wind Turbine
Common Uses
Auto Dealerships
Malls & Shopping Plazas
Range of Savings
$15,000 - $20,000/yr
Engineered Process Systems is based in Huron, Ohio, on Lake Erie. Our immediate service area covers the entire state of Ohio, and surrounding regions including: northern Kentucky, western Pennsylvania, northern Tennessee, eastern Indiana, northern West Virginia, and southern Michigan.
We do however provide alternative energy consulting and analysis throughout the world and can deliver our products to you regardless of your location.
For more information on our service area and how we can help you with your energy needs regardless of your location; please contact us at 419-433-7048.
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