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Frequently Asked Questions

What does EPS do?
EPS started designing and building cooling projects for injection molding plants over 15 years ago. Our focus was on bringing our customers their “best use of energy” through efficient and effective energy systems. A few years ago, EPS decided to apply its years of energy experience into the world of alternative energy. A year ago we started selling alternative energy products with a focus on wind turbines and wind turbine installations. We started our venture by installing a 10 kW wind turbine on our own property and have been enjoying the benefits of reduced carbon emissions and lowered energy costs.
What is the goal of EPS?
EPS focuses on finding its customers' “best use of energy.” We do this by encouraging our customers to become EFFICIENT in how they use their energy, EFFECTIVE in how they purchase and receive their energy and search out ALTERNATIVE sources of energy. By helping our clients do these three things we believe our clients will find their “best use of energy.”
How efficient are wind turbines?
In reality wind turbines are 100% efficient when the wind is blowing and the blades are turning. An even better benefit is as long as you're drawing power from the turbine you're not drawing power from other sources that require fossil fuels, therefore you are not adding pollutants to the atmosphere.
What size turbines does EPS carry?
EPS carries 5 sizes of wind turbines. 10 kW, 20 kW, 50 kW, 80 kW and 250 kW. A 10 kW turbine is suitable for a large home and could potentially eliminate your energy bills. A 20 kW and 50 kW turbine would be best used in small manufacturing and commercial applications. A 250 kW are much larger units best used for water or wastewater treatment plants, large manufacturing plants or municipal or college campuses.
Are there grants available?
Yes. In some states, like Ohio, they will pay up to half the cost of a wind project.
Is there financing available?
Financing is available from any of your usual sources of financing such as local banks or large credit institutions. Of course terms of the financing vary greatly depending on your credit situation, so make sure you check your own situation before moving forward with a wind turbine project.
How loud are the wind turbines?
People standing directly below our turbine have described it as “not noticeable,” and have commented on having to strain to hardly hear it at all. The truth is, on your average day the ambient noise of the outdoors and the wind driving the turbine is much louder than the turbine itself.
Are the wind turbines safe for children and wildlife?
Yes. The ladder portion of the wind turbine mono-pole is too tall for children or even adults to reach and climb from the ground, and with proper installation there is no reason to worry that the turbine will ever fall. You'll also find that wildlife, particularly birds, are very aware that a turbine is there and the birds will make efforts to avoid the turbine even when flying much higher than the turbine blades themselves. In fact a wind turbine is safer for birds than a freshly cleaned glass window.
Can I sell my power back to the power company?
You can, but usually you can make more money by using it yourself. By using a concept called “net-metering,” you use your power whenever you can and send it to the grid when you make more than you can use. In those situations, your meter will actually run backwards, essentially “selling” your energy back to the power company. At the end of the month, you only pay the net amount on your meter. Unless you are a very large user of electricity, your avoided cost will usually be more than the amount the power company will pay you.
What is the potential payback period for a wind turbine?
If you were to pay for a wind turbine completely out of your pocket, the payback period for a consumer would be 12-18 years. However, with the numerous grants available to consumers, the payback period drops to 6-10 years.
Can EPS put a wind turbine anywhere?
Well sure, but since we're all about finding our customers their “best use of energy” it wouldn't make much sense to put a turbine where it wont do any good. The fact is, while wind turbines are safe and effective creators of energy, they don't work everywhere, simply because there isn't enough wind to run one. We can help you evaluate your area to see if a wind turbine is right for you in the first place, and if it isn't, we can discuss other ways you can save energy.
How do I get started?
Call us at 419.433.7048, or send us a message from our contact page. We'll be happy to discuss your current situation and your future energy usage goals. We're all about finding your “best use of energy.”

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250kw Wind Turbine
Common Uses
Light Manufacturing
Range of Savings
$75,000 - $100,000/yr
50kw Wind Turbine
Common Uses
Auto Dealerships
Malls & Shopping Plazas
Range of Savings
$15,000 - $20,000/yr
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